Amplifiers are not equipment that just magnifies audio signal. But honestly and completely replaying it with the natural colors is the only way to deliver real joy of music listening.
Rather than heavily manipulating the design and circuitry to deliver art like music, using the right techniques with carefully chosen material that's sensitivity to little changes is first and foremost.

Faithfully representing music with vivid power. The spirit to pursue this everlasting theme on a Headphone level is Leptoni audio's mission.


Do everything only for getting better sound, spending 100% or even 200% of our patience, care and attentiveness to what we're doing, but more than this, there's a kind of inner peace of mind within each of us. 
We believe this build up our connections with the committed audio puritans around. 

Our know-how is not only an accumulation of audio experiences, it is the fruits of our desire for goodness linked to music.


No matter music or audio, when taking it seriously, is an expression of "beauty".
Exploring all the possibilities to achieve a beautiful sound, is quite simply the pursuit of "sexiness". 

We are presenting the most beautiful music with our best analog technology to the world.