「DT Reference」Single (ended) and All Tube Again...

To make the DT-Reference it takes more than the spirit to pursue perfection. It's the persistence to produce only the most enjoyable yet authentic sounds on a headphone level, an endless pursuit of "there must be something we can do better".

And never before will you hear such loyal sound being produced through your high-end headphones driven with this remarkably exquisite and artful tube amplifier. That will be very unique to only you and be set for life.

When we were finished, we all had a listen to it. Everyone was very stunned by the sound from the DT-Reference. An amplifier that can express beautiful exquisite and ethereal sounds with a warm body and harmonic richness extensions.

The music it delivers, seems to touch the users brain, completely skipping their ears, with such high quality sound that it re-produces, one that the listener can simply feel and experience rather than simply hear.

Audio equipment is a tool to replay music. There is a mutual relationship between music and musical instrument. We believe that audio equipment should also function as a musical instrument.

Inside DT-Reference's chassis, there's a dedicated pair of custom electrostatic output transformers mounted on the amplifier compartment. 

The great enemy of high fidelity reproduction is vibration... Look how DT-Reference provides a direct path to remove all these vibrations through its built-in Resonance Control feet; offering a more refined and musical sound accompanied by a much lower noise floor, giving greater delicacy and resolution, particularly in the bass extend. It also helps to prolong the decay of harmonics after the plucked note and delivered higher dynamics all around.


price: US$9,999 ― US$15,999 plus shipping

Estimated lead time in 16 to 24 weeks
Three years factory warranty (parts and labor)
The DT-Reference amplifier is sold factory direct. Contact us for information how to purchase: sales @ leptoni.com