Leptoni's founder, Mr. Đình Thủy, won first prize at the SUMO Contest 2011 for his tube Power Amplifier KT90 PPP with a final score that was streets ahead of the runner-up.

Since establishing Leptoni audio in May 2015 to design and manufacture the finest hand-built Headphone Amplifiers of the time, Mr. Dinh Thuy has refused to follow existing trends and will not use the sort of technology that he believes do not display qualities of superiority. Instead, he prefers to apply his proven engineering talents to develop his own.

He never allows quality compromise and makes a point to deliver impeccable service, even to his most demanding customers. Leptoni's dedication derives from a strong passion for things natural, simple and beautiful. This philosophy is followed strictly from design to performance, providing a product that is both aesthetically classic and expresses sound with liveliness and freshness.

At Leptoni, we believe our gears are tools for enjoying music, not for demonstrations of performance at the test bench. They might not be for everyone. However, if you value your musical enjoyment over brand name show-offs and bigger-the-better spec sheet, these amps will never fail your expectations.

In early 2017, Mr. Dinh Thuy was the clear winner of the Phono Pre Amplifier Festival that took place for the first time in Hanoi, Vietnam.