「DT Alpha」Single-ended, class-A, output transformers Head Amp

A fine piece of craftsmanship to unleash the full potential of dynamic headphones, including the legendary Sennheiser's HD800; Beyerdynamic's T1 and AKG's K1000.

Built to last a lifetime, Leptoni's DT-Alpha dynamic Head Amp is sure to become a classic. Its preamplifier has especially been engineered and committed to achieving substantial low frequencies and clarity in sound while expressing different nuances in timbre surprisingly.

The entire music will evoke a rich harmony through dynamic headphones when driven by the DT-Alpha. The sound is sweet, natural, and impacting, almost down to the lowest bass.

Use vacuum tube – a pair of EL84/6BQ5 and a pair of ECL82/6BM8

Our multi-layer, multi-compartment structure designed output transformers are wound by skillful technician hands. We carefully select the material to be used for the iron core and wire, with an optimal sonic result to reproduce the graceful and dignity tone quality.

Leptoni's custom made output transformers and power transformer.

price: US$3,299 ― US$3,999 plus shipping

Estimated lead time in 8 to 10 weeks
Three years factory warranty (parts and labor)

The DT-Alpha headphone amplifier is sold factory direct. Contact us for information how to purchase: sales 
@ leptoni.com