「DT Alpha」Single-ended, class-A, output transformers Head Amp

A fine piece of craftsmanship to unleash the full potential of dynamic headphones, including the legendary Sennheiser's HD800; Beyerdynamic's T1 and AKG's K1000.

Built to last a lifetime, Leptoni's DT-Alpha dynamic Head Amp is sure to become a classic. Its preamplifier has especially been engineered and committed to achieving substantial low frequencies and clarity in sound while expressing different nuances in timbre surprisingly.

The entire music will evoke a rich harmony through dynamic headphones when driven by the DT-Alpha. The sound is sweet, natural, and impacting, almost down to the lowest bass.

Use vacuum tube – a pair of EL84/6BQ5 and a pair of ECL82/6BM8

「DT Reference」Single (ended) and All Tube Again...

To make the DT-Reference it takes more than the spirit to pursue perfection. It's the persistence to produce only the most enjoyable yet authentic sounds on a headphone level, an endless pursuit of "there must be something we can do better".

And never before will you hear such loyal sound being produced through your high-end headphones driven with this remarkably exquisite and artful tube amplifier. That will be very unique to only you and be set for life.